Tax Credit For Making Your Home More Energy Efficient!

If you made your home more energy efficient in 2016, you may qualify for a tax credit this year! We received this great article from the IRS and we wanted to share some main points that stood out. For this, and many more publications, visit the website.

Non-Business Energy Property Credit

  • This credit counts for 10% of the cost of qualified energy saving items. These items include adding insulation, energy-efficient exterior windows and doors, and certain roofs. It does not include the cost to install these items.
  • The credit amount for each type of property has a different dollar limit rather than a percentage. For example, any installation costs of high efficiency heating and air-conditioning, water heaters, or stoves that burn biomass fuel.
  • This credit has a maximum lifetime limit of $500, only $200 of this limit may be used for windows.
  • The main home must be in the U.S and the non-business energy property credit is only available for existing homes.
  • Always have a written certification from the manufacturer that this product does qualify for the tax credit. This will usually be posted on the website. Always keep the original copy with your tax records and not attached to your tax return.
  • You may claim the credit on your 2016 tax return if you did not reach the lifetime limit in the past years.

Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit:

  • This credit is 30% of the cost alternative energy installed in or on a home, including cost of installation.
  • Qualified materials include: solar hot water heaters, solar electric equipment, wind turbines, and fuel cell property.
  • If the credit is more than the tax owed, carry forward the unused portion of this credit to next year’s tax return. There is no dollar limit on the credit for most types of property.
  • The home does not have to be your main home unless the alternative energy equipment is qualified fuel cell property. The residential energy efficient property credit is for both existing home and homes under construction. It is available through 2016.

For Residential Energy Credits, use Form 5695.

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Spring Cleaning Clothing Drive-Dress for Success Greater Orlando

Emily Armstrong and Erin Ward will be hosting an event to benefit Dress for Success Greater Orlando. This will be a great opportunity to clear your closet of any professional attire that you no longer wear.


Dress for Success provides not only offers professional attire for disadvantaged women, they also provide many tools and resources to help women succeed in their personal and professional life. They provide clothing for initial job interviews as well as attire once they secure a job. This non-profit organization depends on the donations of hundreds of people just like you and has been able to provide over 500 women with professional attire. Their boutique is located on the campus of Winter Park Tech.

Items acceptable for donations will include gently used women’s professional clothing, shoes, and accessories. For every three items donated, you will receive one drink ticket, however, there is a maximum of two tickets per person.

What you need to know:

  1. When is this event? Tuesday March 14, 2017 from 5-8pm.
  2. Where is this located? The Abbey 100 S Eola Dr #100 Orlando, FL 32801
  3. I won’t be abele to attend this event, Can I still donate? Absolutely! There are various drop-off places in central Florida. If you are located in Lake County, just bring your items for donation to our office drop box at Business Resource Partners. We are located at 310 Almond Street Clermont, FL 34711.
  4. Where can I drop off the clothes I want to donate? Business Resource Partners will be happy to accept any items for donation. Please bring all donations to our office drop box located at our Almond Street Business Center.
  5. How can I find out more about this event and organization? For more information, visit or contact Business Resource Partners at (321) 236-2771.


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(321) 236-2771


Hate Public Speaking?

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10 Ways to Become a

Better Public Speaker 

Make an emotional connection with your audience. Oftentimes an audience will not remember exactly what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. Do this by telling a great story or being vulnerable.

  • Be vulnerable. Don’t act like you have it all together when you’re on stage. Talk with the audience like you would a friend.
  • Application, application, application. Don’t just tell stories and teach points. Help your audience apply the content you’re delivering. Give them some practical tips.
  • Help the audience go deeper with something they can take home. Whether it’s something you sell at the back of the room or something you give away or both, go the extra mile by creating a piece of content that audience members can take home with them.
  • Repeat your main point. Keep coming back to the main point so that people see how all the different pieces fit under the main point. My main point for this talk is this: The path to our art is through, not around, our weakness.
  • Drop the bridge statements. While I was delivering my presentation I kept saying things like “My second point is” or “In closing” They told me to drop all those statements because they’re distracting. Get right into it, they said. Just deliver your content.
  • Tell a story, then make a point. Don’t get these reversed.
  • Include some interaction after each point. After making a particular point, open things up with some interaction. Ask people to raise their hand if they [fill in the blank]. Invite them to ask a question or share something they’re doing that’s related to your content. The point is to get them out of “sit and listen” mode to engage with what you’re saying.
  • Remember the impact you could have. The spouse of one of our mastermind members asked a question that reminded me of how important public presentations are. We all have heard presentations that helped us in vital ways. Some speeches have literally changed the world. When you stop and remember that your talk could help save a person’s physical or mental or creative life, that realization tends to keep you focused and helps you deliver your content with more energy and gusto.
  • This isn’t about you as the public speaker. It’s about the people listening. It’s about serving them the best way you know how.
 Once you conquer your fear of public speaking, 

remember we provide the place for your presentation!

Check out our website and let us know if you would like to rent the space for your next presentation.